Join the Tech Women's Tribe

Begin Your Non-Coding Tech career while raising your family.

Join the Tech Women's Tribe

Begin Your Non-Coding Tech career while raising your family.

Sh’Emerge International is an organisation committed to helping women revive their careers, build tech skills, and live financially free while raising their families. The organization was founded in 2018 to tackle the needs of women who due to marriage, childbirth, or relocation among other reasons lost their career privileges.

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We are entirely given to helping mums build a thriving tech career by providing them with in-demand digital and tech skills, and career opportunities among others, while raising a close-bonded family.


Through remote career advancement, we are committed to developing strong, independent, happy mothers who will progress to become tech industry CEOs, founders, philanthropists, and more

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Africa is long overdue for disruptive innovations, exploration of freely available resources and increased contribution of women to its eventuality. So the time has come for actions that will bring about various transformations through women in tech. Join us, and make the first move.

Client Testimonials

“The Graphic Design Masterclass was truly captivating. The tutor exceptional sense of humor adds a delightful touch to the lesson, making them incredibly easy to grasp. I sincerely appreciate the way they communicate vital information in a simple and enjoyable manner. Thank you for providing a valuable learning experience with the graphics design masterclass”
Juliet Sackey Ph.D
“It's been a great one, full of inspiration and packed with a whole lot pof knowledge too. Thank you so much Sh'merge Tribe for showing us the way”
Somtochukwu Gold Onwuli
“The experience has been amazing, learning and social life at the community is profound. I have never seen a zeal as this to women who want to switch into tech. Sh'merge Tribe is the Real G.O.A.T”
Judith Onwusuruaka

We are committed to helping mums achieve their goals

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